Voyager 2 receives a life-extending boost in space

NASA engineers have come up with an energy-saving strategy to get more time—and more science—out of the Voyager probes, humanity’s longest traveling spacecraftas they continue to venture into unexplored regions of interstellar space. And time is of the essence: Voyager 1 and 2 have been flying since 1977, and their power sources have gradually faded, … Read more

Coinbase CEO says SEC is on ‘lonely crusade’, calls back on suggestion exchange could move

The SEC earlier this year gave Coinbase a Wells notice. Brian Armstrong, Coinbase’s CEO, said the SEC is on “a lone crusade” with Chairman Gary Gensler taking a “more anti-crypto view.” Armstrong rowed back on a suggestion he made last month that the company might be forced to move its headquarters overseas. Brian Armstrong, co-founder … Read more

What Japan could teach the US – and the world – about regulating crypto

After the MtGox hack, Tokyo introduced tough rules that later protected FTX customers. Now, from the secure base, it goes to allow blockchain technologies to flourish. Mover a million investors around the world were left stranded when FTX suddenly collapsed in November with a staggering hole, estimated at $8.7 billion, in its balance sheet. The … Read more