At $11,900, is this six-speed 2006 BMW X3 a three-pedal peach?

The seller of the day Youce price or no dice BMW The X3 claims its manual transmission makes it as “rare as the Porsche Cayenne.” Considering it’s offered in Southern California where every third car seems to be a Cayenne, that might not be the best description. However, its price can be well informed. Racing … Read more

Once cool Facebook may have 3 billion users, but many of them are old

Facebook says it’s not dead. Facebook also wants you to know that it’s not just for “oldies,” as young people have been saying for years. Now, with its biggest thorn in the side — TikTok — facing increased government scrutiny amid growing U.S.-China tensions, Facebook may be able to position itself as a profitable, home-grown … Read more