A Mother’s Journey of Love and Acceptance: Embracing Limb Differences with Pride

In England, a 29-year-old mother from Harrow, London, named Rosie Higgs, defied doubts and uncertainties when her 20-week ultrasound revealed that her baby could have Amniotic Band Syndrome, a condition affecting limb development. Despite being questioned about abortion, Rosie remained steadfast in her decision to keep her son. Now, she proudly calls her 11-month-old baby boy, Henry Higgs, “absolutely perfect.”

Embracing the Journey: Throughout her pregnancy, Rosie experienced a rollercoaster of emotions as she underwent weekly ultrasounds that revealed new challenges. She was worried and sad upon learning about Henry’s limb differences but was always certain that she would love and support him, regardless of anyone’s advice.

A Joyful Arrival: On May 13, 2020, at Northwick Park Hospital, Henry was born via cesarean section, weighing a healthy 3.7 kg. Rosie fell in love with her little son instantly when he was placed in her arms.

Sibling Love and Acceptance: Bringing Henry home, Rosie introduced him to his older sister, Alice (13), and older brother, Michael (7). Both siblings embraced Henry with love and acceptance. Alice treated Henry as her own brother, showing immense care, while Michael, who has autism, also adored him in his own unique way.

Milestones and Progress: Henry has achieved all expected milestones despite his limb differences. He can pick up objects, raise his head, and communicate through babbles as if he’s having a conversation. Although he cannot use a walker due to his lack of legs, he enjoys sitting in his high chair. Additionally, he underwent surgery to separate his fused finger at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

Support and Community: Rosie received tremendous support from Reach, a charity organization that assists children with limb differences. Connecting with others facing similar challenges and experiences through Reach’s community has brought Rosie joy and optimism in raising and caring for Henry.

Spreading Awareness: Grateful for the support she received, Rosie is actively participating in Reach community activities and events to raise awareness about limb disabilities and promote acceptance for people with disparate limbs.


A Proud Mother: Today, Rosie is proud and happy with her son Henry. She views him as a perfect human being with his unique differences, and her entire family loves and accepts him unconditionally.

Inspiring Others: Through sharing her story, Rosie hopes to create awareness and acceptance among children with limb differences and inspire families facing similar situations. With the love and support of her family, community, and charities, Rosie and Henry have overcome all challenges to lead a happy and meaningful life.

Conclusion: Rosie’s journey of love and acceptance exemplifies the beauty of embracing differences and finding strength in unity. With the support of those around her, she and Henry have triumphed over difficulties, proving that every child is perfect in their own way. By sharing her story, Rosie seeks to inspire compassion and understanding for individuals with limb differences and promote a world of acceptance for all.