How to Replace Solar Light Batteries?

How to Replace Solar Light Batteries?

Step 1: Take your solar light inside to a clean dry space

You do not intend to obtain any type of water or dirt in your solar light that could impact future performance. For this reason, take your solar light inside to a nice tidy location prior to opening it up.


Step 2: Unscrew the top of the light

In the substantial bulk of instances with solar garden lights, the photovoltaic panel as well as the battery are housed in the very leading section above the bulb. In my solar light used in the instance where you merely turn the leading area regarding half a turn anti-clockwise and it comes away


Step 3: Switch the light off if there is the option to

If you have the option, to be added secure, turn the light button to off before touching the battery.


Tip 4: Open up the battery covering and also see what kind of battery you have

As you can see in my example below, the solar light is powered by a basic 300mAh, AA, 1.2 V Nickel Cadmium battery You may see sometimes it claims 'no mercury' on the casing. This is merely to allow you to recognize that it can be taken to a battery reusing center which will commonly state 'no mercury permitted'.


Step 5: Eliminate the battery.


Step 6: Find a brand-new battery of the very same spec or similar

use a Nickel Steel Hydride battery to change a Nickel Cadmium battery as they are much better for the atmosphere.


Step 7: Turn the light back on and also examination

There is a good chance your new battery will certainly come billed so turn the light back on an examination it by covering the top. If nothing occurs the battery may not be charged yet so leave it in the sunlight for a few hours before screening once more.

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