Voyager 2 receives a life-extending boost in space

NASA engineers have come up with an energy-saving strategy to get more time—and more science—out of the Voyager probes, humanity’s longest traveling spacecraftas they continue to venture into unexplored regions of interstellar space. And time is of the essence: Voyager 1 and 2 have been flying since 1977, and their power sources have gradually faded, … Read more

Why ‘super-Earth’ exoplanets are a scientific disaster

It’s time to debunk a scientific disaster: the myth of the super habitable super-Earth planet. A comparison of Earth, right, with a theorized super-habitable planet, left. In theory, planets orbiting stars of lower mass than our Sun, with slightly larger radii and masses than our planet, and closer to the center of their so-called habitable … Read more

YGOrganization | [OCG] Duelist Nexus Rulings

Rulings for Duelist Nexus.   DUELIST NEXUS   DUNE-JP000 Magicians of Bonds and Unity 【Regarding the text “Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by having 25 or more cards in your GY.”】■ It is not treated as a card effect. It is the procedure for Special Summoning this monster.■ If … Read more

Aeolus’ fiery demise to set the standard for safe re-entry

Applications 08/05/2023 1090 views 38 like ESA’s wind mission, Aeolus, will soon be lowered into orbit, leading to its fiery re-entry and burnout through Earth’s atmosphere. ESA’s efforts to ensure a safe return go far beyond international standards and place the agency at the forefront of space safety. After exceeding its planned lifetime in orbit, … Read more

Neanderthal DNA Shapes Human Nose Neuroscience News

Summary: A specific gene inherited from Neanderthals may be responsible for the shape of our noses. The study suggests that the shape of our noses may have evolved through natural selection in response to the different climates and environments our ancestors encountered as they migrated around the world. The research highlights the importance of understanding … Read more