Harper’s Unique Journey: Embracing the Beauty Within

Harper and Jamie, aged 34, crossed paths in 2016 and later welcomed their son, Harley, who is now three years old. Alongside Harley, Jamie’s daughter, Hollie Pierce, from a previous relationship, completes their loving family. Harper, born in September 2020, joined the family, arriving at a healthy weight of 8 pounds and 4 ounces.

On the left side of her face and neck, little Harper was born with a birthmark, which occurs in 1 in 20,000 births. Despite this unique feature, both Harper and Jamie, the proud parents of Harper, were rendered speechless when they first saw the large birthmark spanning the majority of her face. They were both amazed and concerned about how others would regard her as she aged.

Harper, now 23, from Huddersfield, Yorkshire, states, “The birthmark was a huge shock, and it saddened me to consider how Harper may be regarded as she matures. Humans can be so vicious.”

Regardless of your appearance, you will always be your parents’ cherished child, their angel, and the embodiment of their affection. Despite their initial reservations, Harper’s parents decided to support her to make her own decisions as she grew older, stating, “It made her even more beautiful.” Harper’s special mark became more attractive every day, and we made sure to tell her that every day.

Ebony claims that Harper was born with a benign vascular malformation section. Jamie told me after giving birth to Harper, “She has a very large birthmark on her face.” “I was speechless as soon as I saw her. I couldn’t believe that she concealed half of her visage. I believe I was in shock at the time, so I did not settle down and cry for a very long time, perhaps two weeks. I feel more sorry for Harper and any future prejudice she may encounter than I do for myself.”

The therapist informed the family that the birthmark was a melanocytic nevus condition and that a significant facial birthmark occurs only once in 20,000 births.

Fortunately, it is just a birthmark, and although Harper will require additional testing, it is unlikely to pose serious health concerns, according to Ebony. We decided to postpone all decisions regarding Harper’s surgery until she is old enough to make her own decisions. It is her responsibility to make this difficult decision.

As our child matures, we will leave all decisions to him out of reverence for his judgment. Nonetheless, you are a wonderful addition to the lives of this small family. Our children have always loved each other, and Ebony and I are happier than ever to have them as our growth and acceptance of one another.